Nothing stays forever

Mein Tagebucheintrag von gestern Abend:

It's November! I can't believe it. That means it is Christmas and New Years Eve soon! Wasn't it just yesterday when we celebrated New Year? Wasn't it just yesterday when F. was born? When it was P.'s and my birthday? When I got my hostfamily? When I had the orientation in Lauenburg? When we met again in Hannover? When we were in Springe?
What happened to the school year, the party at the end of it? What happened to the summer break?

Nothing is forever. I just realized that I hardly remember anything. It just shows me that it is really important to write everything down, so I'll remember, because I want to remember. I don't want to forget.


  1. Ahhh wunderschön!! :) Und du hast ja SO recht! :) Kommt mir alles wie gestern vor, aber tatsächlich, bald ist schon mein Geburtstag, Weihnachten! WAHH :) Da freu ich mich richtig!

  2. Luisa, I love you <3
    I miss those old times, but I'm also so happy to be here. And let me tell you, I feel exactly the same way about forgetting.


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